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Full Text Review Happy Hour- 6AM -6PM PST

Happy Friday, How Sweet It is…
Let’s Celebrate…with Happy Hour from 6AM PST – 6PM PST today!

But it gets better… 3 Bonuses and the first-ever CrowdSurf Lottery Bonus!

This bonus everyone, at every level, has a chance to win BIG!

Now earn a bonus whether you work as a few as 50 mm, 75 mm, or as many as 500 mm.

The best part is, your per minute payout increases with every tier!

See below to learn how you can earn BIG on the New and Improved CrowdSurfWork Platform.   Log in and make some extra money.

A big Thank You from the CrowdSurf Team! Read more

Crowd Virtualizer Weekly Bonus with QC Quality Bonus!

Introducing the new Crowd Virtualizer Weekly Bonus with Specialized Bonus Tiers!


The new Crowd Virtualizer Weekly Bonus rewards you for earning a higher QC Score!* Log in to Crowd Virtualizer now to boost your score!

How the new Weekly Bonus works-

  • First bonus tier is effective at 50 media minutes! (0-49 media minutes are base rate only until 50 media minutes is achieved).
  • Bonus rate is applied to all media minutes after 49, any day of the week.
  • Each bonus tier has an increased payout! (in 50 media minute increments, see Bonus Tiers below).
  • When each tier is achieved, bonus applies to the tasks worked up to the next tier and so on.
  • Work a minimum of 10 Full Text Review Minutes to qualify!!! Check your QC score here.

Read more

CrowdSurf MTurk Bonus Continues!

Crowdsurf has a record numbers of Entertainment and Cartoon tasks available now through the end of the month!

Have fun and make some money!

Due to the overwhelming response and record volume we are extending the weekly bonus through the end of the month! Log-In now to take advantage of March’s record volume!

CrowdSurf MTurk BONUS details:

Earn $1 daily bonus every day that 50 transcription HITs are approved (prorated above 50 HITs).

Achieve the daily bonus on any 3 days of the week, and earn prorated bonus on ALL approved transcription HITs in week!

The more daily bonus days achieved, the higher the bonus rate paid across ALL approved transcription HITs (see below). Read more

Crowd Virtualizer Bonus This Week!

Crowd Virtualizer there is plenty of work and we are offering our most popular bonus!

Current Bonus Offer

For the first 50 media minutes (FTR, FTR General Media, QC Transcript, QC Reject, Speaker ID, 3rd Pass 1) completed and approved, earn a $2.50 total bonus!

Check the Daily Worker Spreadsheet for your stats.  Bonus is prorated at $0.05/media minute after 50 minutes!

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CrowdSurf Holiday Payment Schedule

CrowdSurf Holiday Payment Update

Due to the US Holiday observed on Monday February 17, 2014, all payments scheduled for Monday February 17, 2014 will now be made Wednesday February 19, 2014.

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Critical Turnaround Media Task Bonus, “Special Handling – Critical”

We still have plenty of Full Text Review tasks that appear in the Crowd Virtualizer Queue “Special Handling – Critical” which is located here.

These tasks are identical to our Full Text Review tasks with four major differences:

  1. You have a higher pay rate of $0.20 per media minute with a $0.10 per media minute bonus if the work is not rejected in the QC process.
  2. You have a limited amount of time to complete each task (currently 40 minutes). Read more

Big Bonus This Weekend!

Happy 2014!

In order to meet our goals we need to work through all of the General Media tasks AND all the Full Text Review Tasks this weekend.

Therefore, in addition to the increased rates released yesterday, we are applying the volume bonus towards the regular Full Text queue as well and giving away $1000 in bonuses this weekend- earn up to $0.50/media minute* working tasks in the General Media queue and Full Text Review queue!! Read more

The QC Bonus is Back!

Extended Through the Weekend!

QC Volume is on the rise and so are our bonus payments! Please help us work through this backlog of QC Transcript tasks so we can clear the decks for the first full week of 2014.

Base rates:

  • Earn $0.22 per media minute* by reviewing QC Transcript Tasks.

Bonus rates: Read more

New CrowdSurf Website

CrowdSurf has a new website with support and training available.

We are passionate about what we do.  CrowdSurf believes that all online media should be equally accessible for the hearing impaired, second language speakers, students and anyone who would benefit from media transcription.

We can not accomplish our goals without you!  To all of our transcription team, a big Thank You!   We have created Read more