Weekly Media Minute Bonus!

BIG Volume = BIG Money-Making Opportunity! The Full Text Review queue is filling up – time to fill your pockets with the Weekly Media Minute Bonus! Earn extra BONUS CA$H on media minutes in MTurk from Monday July 20 through Sunday July 26, 2015! Big volume is back and so are [...]

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New Weekly Media Minute Bonus!

New week, new bonus! We hope you’re feeling refreshed and recharged from the weekend! Get ready to move some BIG VOLUME this week! We’ve got a fresh new Weekly bonus for you, from Monday 12am to Sunday 11:59pm PT. The Daily Bonus has been rolled back in favor of a simpler, [...]

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New Transcription + Review Weekly Bonus!

Your Mturk bonus has TRANSFORMED! This change is as beautiful as a butterfly! Now combine your Transcription and Transcription Review HITs for a fantastic weekly bonus! Your Mturk Weekly bonus is extended for Monday May 25, through Sunday May 31, 2015 – but with a twist! Here’s what you need to [...]

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Transcription & Review Memorial Day Bonus!

Feeling Patriotic? Don your red, white and blue this Memorial Day… But don’t forget the GREEN! CrowdSurf’s got your Memorial Day covered! Tons of volume = Tons of green in your pocket! Earn extra bonus cash on every HIT worked daily, from Saturday 12:00am to Monday 11:59pm PT. Here’s what you [...]

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New Mturk Bonus on the NEW CrowdSurf!

Rock & Roll with the New CrowdSurf! You are ROCKING the Clean Verbatim guidelines on Mturk! Keep up the great work and earn a fabulous weekly bonus! Your Mturk Weekly bonus is back Monday May 18, through Sunday May 24, 2015. Log in to CrowdSurf HITs every day to put some [...]

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New Clean Verbatim Guidelines

Clean Verbatim starts TODAY! Today is the day! Tell a friend! Monday May 18, 2015 is the launch of the NEW CrowdSurf! The NEW CrowdSurf = Clean Verbatim Transcription + New Transcription Review team! ALL CrowdSurf work, switches from True Verbatim to Clean Verbatim transcription on Monday May 18, 2015 12:00 am PT! [...]

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Mturk Weekend Bonus

Make plans with CrowdSurf this weekend! Starting SATURDAY at 12am, get happy hour pricing all weekend with just 50 HITs daily! That’s right, after your first 50 HITs daily earn an EXTRA $0.02/HIT on all Transcription and Transcription Review HITs until midnight PDT! But it doesn’t stop there, increase your effective [...]

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Say Hello to New Review Scoring!

Goodbye to the strict 1, 2, 3, 4 QC scale! And Hello to a sophisticated new grading spectrum with weighted scoring! The New Review Scoring System is everything you’ve asked for and more. We have combined new design features, weighted error types, fractional numbers, and weighted transcript length to enhance the [...]

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NEW Mturk Weekend Bonus

Dive in to the Mturk Weekend Bonus! Now is the BEST time to maximize your earnings in Mturk Transcription and Review!   Earn $80.00 EXTRA this weekend! That’s right, earn a bonus on ALL HITS  – Transcription & Transcription Review – this Saturday 4/25 and Sunday 4/26!   Here’s what you [...]

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