CrowdSurf has a new website with support and training available.

We are passionate about what we do.  CrowdSurf believes that all online media should be equally accessible for the hearing impaired, second language speakers, students and anyone who would benefit from media transcription.

We can not accomplish our goals without you!  To all of our transcription team, a big Thank You!   We have created a new website to further assist you in accessing the support and training you may need for transcribing media.  Check back often, as we are updating the site daily.

Access turk support here.  Access freelance support here.

The CrowdSurf Mission:  Our goal is to solve today’s media challenges for the hearing impaired and second language viewers.  Our focus is to build a community of optimistic and thoughtful crowds to create online media that is enjoyed by all, “for the crowd, by the crowd”.   Thank you for being part of the CrowdSurf journey!