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Max the MTurk Bonus!

What could you do with some extra money this week?

Your Mturk Weekly bonus is extended for the week of Monday February 16, through Sunday, February 22, 2015.

Put some extra cash in your pocket by making this your Best Weekly bonus yet!

** Hey MTurk- We’re hiring MTurk reviewers and Full Text Reviewers!! See how you can maximize your earnings with a CrowdSurf Promotion here.

Thank you for all your hard work to make online media accessible and enjoyable for all!  Log in now!

The CrowdSurf Team


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Full Text Review Happy Hour- 6AM -6PM PST

Happy Friday, How Sweet It is…
Let’s Celebrate…with Happy Hour from 6AM PST – 6PM PST today!

But it gets better… 3 Bonuses and the first-ever CrowdSurf Lottery Bonus!

This bonus everyone, at every level, has a chance to win BIG!

Now earn a bonus whether you work as a few as 50 mm, 75 mm, or as many as 500 mm.

The best part is, your per minute payout increases with every tier!

See below to learn how you can earn BIG on the New and Improved CrowdSurfWork Platform.   Log in and make some extra money.

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The MTurk Weekly Bonus

Max out the weekly bonus and lock in Max Rollover rates!

The Weekly Bonus with Rollover is extended for  the week of – July 28th through August 3rd!

Earn a higher bonus and qualify for a CrowdSurf promotion by reviewing our updated General Guidelines.

Don’t forget, in addition to the Weekly Bonus, you can qualify for ROLLOVER by completing a rolling average of 500 or 1000 HITs!

When you qualify for Rollover, ALL your HITs are bonused at a higher rate rather than building from the starting bonus tier rates! (Rollover rates and details)


The MTurk Weekly Volume Bonus details:

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Crowd Virtualizer Weekly Bonus with QC Quality Bonus!

Introducing the new Crowd Virtualizer Weekly Bonus with Specialized Bonus Tiers!


The new Crowd Virtualizer Weekly Bonus rewards you for earning a higher QC Score!* Log in to Crowd Virtualizer now to boost your score!

How the new Weekly Bonus works-

  • First bonus tier is effective at 50 media minutes! (0-49 media minutes are base rate only until 50 media minutes is achieved).
  • Bonus rate is applied to all media minutes after 49, any day of the week.
  • Each bonus tier has an increased payout! (in 50 media minute increments, see Bonus Tiers below).
  • When each tier is achieved, bonus applies to the tasks worked up to the next tier and so on.
  • Work a minimum of 10 Full Text Review Minutes to qualify!!! Check your QC score here.

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