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Crowd Virtualizer Weekly Bonus with QC Quality Bonus!

Introducing the new Crowd Virtualizer Weekly Bonus with Specialized Bonus Tiers!


The new Crowd Virtualizer Weekly Bonus rewards you for earning a higher QC Score!* Log in to Crowd Virtualizer now to boost your score!

How the new Weekly Bonus works-

  • First bonus tier is effective at 50 media minutes! (0-49 media minutes are base rate only until 50 media minutes is achieved).
  • Bonus rate is applied to all media minutes after 49, any day of the week.
  • Each bonus tier has an increased payout! (in 50 media minute increments, see Bonus Tiers below).
  • When each tier is achieved, bonus applies to the tasks worked up to the next tier and so on.
  • Work a minimum of 10 Full Text Review Minutes to qualify!!! Check your QC score here.

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