Crowd Virtualizer there is plenty of work and we are offering our most popular bonus!

Current Bonus Offer

For the first 50 media minutes (FTR, FTR General Media, QC Transcript, QC Reject, Speaker ID, 3rd Pass 1) completed and approved, earn a $2.50 total bonus!

Check the Daily Worker Spreadsheet for your stats.  Bonus is prorated at $0.05/media minute after 50 minutes!

Terms and Conditions:

Quality counts! Offers like this are made to our most qualified and best workers only. Like Mechanical Turk, each completed task will be quality controlled and reviewed by another worker. Your score will determine your future qualification status to work these task types.

  • For a video demo of how to perform the QC Tasks, please click on this link .
  • For a video demo of how to perform the Full Text Review Tasks, please click on this link.
  • The offer is valid for all Full Text Review, QC Transcript, QC Reject, Speaker ID, and 3rd Pass 1 tasks completed between 12:00 AM PST Monday, February 17 through 11:59 PM PST Sunday, February 23, 2014
  • Check periodically for additional work via this link.
  • Payments are made on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for work completed by midnight PST the night before (excluding holidays)
  • *Media minutes are calculated by aggregating the sum total of all reviewed sentences.

If you are not interested in this offer, please let us know why so that we can provide more compelling offers in the future.