We still have plenty of Full Text Review tasks that appear in the Crowd Virtualizer Queue “Special Handling – Critical” which is located here.

These tasks are identical to our Full Text Review tasks with four major differences:

  1. You have a higher pay rate of $0.20 per media minute with a $0.10 per media minute bonus if the work is not rejected in the QC process.
  2. You have a limited amount of time to complete each task (currently 40 minutes).
  3. You must use the timing tool to adjust the timing (rather than simply flagging the poor timing)
  4. These tasks call for “Clean Verbatim” transcripts, see guidelines and scoring criteria for details

The goal is to complete the task with 100% accuracy in text and timing, so any and all errors must be corrected.  Watch our webinar tutorial here. Please check the queue regularly as this work will be available on a daily basis. First come, first served.

We’re excited to have your working on these new tasks, and we hope you are too!

Best regards,

Your CrowdSurf Support Team!