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CrowdSurf MTurk Scores Explained

We understand transparency is key in providing a great worker experience!

So, here is the basic breakdown of the 3 types of CrowdSurf scores.

  1. Approval Rating – measures the ratio of rejected tasks to approved task  (min. of 95%)
  2. Qualification Score – measures the number of approved tasks  (min. of 90)
  3. Quality Control “QC” Score – measures average quality based on our Fraud- Perfect scale. A ‘Good’ HIT can be approved and your Qual Score increases, but may still contain errors so your QC score decreases.  (min. of 3.5)

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Higher Volume, Higher Pay in MTurk Today


  • Higher rates!
  • Tons of HITs!
  • Interesting video content!
  • Evaluating and raising levels all day today!

We raised our rates on all HITs in MTurk!  Look for the Highest Priority HIT queues when you log in to Mechanical Turk.

We are replenishing quality HITs rapidly, so keep checking in.  The content is so interesting you will be on the edge of your seat all day long! Read more