We understand transparency is key in providing a great worker experience!

So, here is the basic breakdown of the 3 types of CrowdSurf scores.

  1. Approval Rating – measures the ratio of rejected tasks to approved task  (min. of 95%)
  2. Qualification Score – measures the number of approved tasks  (min. of 90)
  3. Quality Control “QC” Score – measures average quality based on our Fraud- Perfect scale. A ‘Good’ HIT can be approved and your Qual Score increases, but may still contain errors so your QC score decreases.  (min. of 3.5)

Based on these scores it is possible to have an approval rating of 100%, but a QC score below 3.5.  Just because your HIT was approved does not mean it was error free.

To learn more about our Quality Control process, check out our FAQs.  If you would like a worker quality report with your QC score, feel free to email us at support@crowdsurfwork.com and request a quality report.

Workers with higher QC scores are eligible for promotions. Learn more about promotions and levels with Mturk Levels.


***Please note: Our Quality Control review process is entirely automated on Mturk, QC scores are never a personal attack on your transcribing ability.***