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MTurk Levels

Currently we offer two levels. Level 1 is Transcription and Level 2 is Review work in Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Each CrowdSurf worker must prove they are a high-performing transcriber in order to work as a Reviewer.

Once a proven Reviewer, each CrowdSurf worker can then request to move up to our private editing platform, the CrowdSurfWork Platform.

What are the benefits of a CrowdSurf Promotion? With each level you gain access to more tasks types, higher work volumes, and best of all – more bonuses! How do you qualify? Follow the CrowdSurf Guidelines and submit your best work!

The details and descriptions for each level are provided below. If you have questions about your level and qualifications please use the form below, and indicate your question in the requirements field.


If you would like to inquire about moving up a level, see our qualification process below.   CrowdSurf will promote and/or demote workers based on merit and demand for work. Please check your email often for feedback from the Support Team.




Level 1 – Transcribing Team!

Welcome to CrowdSurf and Mturk, we are happy to work with you!


  • Transcription Qualification in MTurk (Qualification Score above 900)

Requirements to Qualify:

  • Amazon Mturk account in good standing
  • Passing score on CrowdSurf Qualification Test material

To stay in Level 1:

  • Maintain an average QC score* of 3.5 or higher
  • Maintain an Approval Rating of 95% or higher
  • No fraudulent HITs
  • Encouraged to work a minimum of 25 HITs weekly (volume permitting)


Level 2 – Reviewing Team!

We need your attention to detail! You’re the first line of defense against poor transcripts!


  • Transcription Qualification in Mturk (Qualification Score above 900)
  • Transcription Review Qualification (Qualification Score above 100)

Requirements to Qualify:

  • Maintain an average QC score* of 3.70 or higher
  • Minimum of 500 Transcription Hits worked
  • No fraudulent Transcription HITs
  • Passing Score on Review Assessment Material

To stay in Level 2:

  • Maintain an average QC score of 3.70 or higher
  • No fraudulent Transcription HITs
  • No fraudulent Review HITs
  • Encouraged to work a minimum of 25 Transcription HITs weekly (when active, volume permitting)


 What’s next? – Moving up to the CrowdSurfWork Platform!


  • Transcription Qualification
  • Transcription Review Qualification

Requirements to Qualify:

  • Minimum of 1000 Transcription HITs
  • Minimum of 100 Review HITs
  • Minimum QC Score of 3.75 (will be checked once info on this form has been sent to us)
  • No  fraudulent Transcription or Review HITs
  • Passing Score on Full Text Review test material




CrowdSurf regularly evaluates and promotes Mturk workers to the CrowdSurfWork platform,  if you meet these requirements, please use the form below to submit your information.  The CrowdSurf Support Team will review your information and get back to you ASAP.  If you would like more information on the CrowdSurfWork Platform, please follow this link.


Thank you for working with CrowdSurf! We are delighted to collaborate with you to make online media accessible and enjoyable by all!



* Your QC score and HIT numbers are available on the Stats Tab of every CrowdSurf HIT. Here is a breakdown of the CrowdSurf Scoring system:

Quality Level QC Score Qualification Score
Mturk Status
Fraud 1 -40 Rejected
Poor 2 -20 Approved
Fair 3 0 – no change Approved
Perfect 4 +20 Approved



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