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Bonus On Every MTurk HIT Extended…

Dear CrowdSurf Transcribers,

You have exceeded our expectations once again!

Our most recent bonus offer was so successful that we have completed the latest large batch of MTurk work in record time – this is our fastest turnaround yet!

Your hard work makes online media more accessible to the hearing impaired and second language viewers!  Thank you for all your effort to make this possible.

Please don’t worry if there is a low volume of work temporarily.   We are expecting our next large batch of media at any time!

And because you have been so successful, we will be extending the bonus period to provide additional days!  More to follow …

Thank you again for continuing to exceed our expectations and reaffirming our faith in the power of the crowd;  we are excited to see what new heights are reached next week!

Your CrowdSurf Support Team!


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