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Below is everything you need to get started on CrowdSurf transcription tasks. CrowdSurf’s Spanish transcription tasks are very similar to our English tasks. All of our guidelines, tools, and sound tags will be in English. Please follow all English guidelines, and apply them as well as possible to your Spanish transcript. Remember to keep sound tags in English.

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  1. What is CrowdSurf?
    CrowdSurf is an awesome community of transcribers that create high quality video captions so that deaf, hard of hearing, and second language viewers can enjoy online media. With CrowdSurf you are making a difference in the world!
  2. Why CrowdSurf?
    The best part of CrowdSurf is that you have opportunities to progress to new CrowdSurf Levels and higher paying tasks. You start out in Level 1 working “Spanish: Transcribe up to 35 Seconds of Spanish Language Media to Text”. After at least 100 approved tasks you are eligible for a CrowdSurf promotion! Keep sending us high quality and high volume work, and you’ll increase your effective pay rate in no time.
  3. Where do my transcripts go?
    Every transcription task is called a HIT (Human Intelligence Task). Each HIT is a 15-35 second video file that requires a verbatim transcript. Once submitted, your transcript is reviewed and compiled with other HITs to make full-length videos. Later that day, your HIT could be part of a featured news broadcast, a university chemistry lecture, or become the next big hit on YouTube!
  4. How do I get paid?
    All of your payments will come through CrowdSurf and will be deposited into your Work Market account after you submit your task. You will qualify for any bonus announcements, or pay rates displayed on HITs. Your payment will be based on the volume and accuracy of your work. The more you work, and the higher your Quality Control score, the more you make!
  5. How do I continue working with CrowdSurf?
    CrowdSurf maintains strict quality standards to provide accurate captions for deaf and hard of hearing viewers. After you submit your verbatim transcript, it is graded and assigned a Quality Control (QC) score. Based on that QC score, your Qualification Standing will change. Your Qualification Standing will start at 950, and if too many of your HITs are scored as “poor”, you will lose access to CrowdSurf HITs. You must maintain a 3.5 avg QC score and a 900 Qualification Standing.
    Here’s a breakdown of CrowdSurf Scoring:

    Quality Level QC Score Qualification Standing Change Approval Status
    Fraud 1 -40 Rejected
    Poor 2 -20 Approved
    Fair 3 0 – no change Approved
    Perfect 4 +20 Approved
  6. How can I be a successful CrowdSurf Transcriptionist?
    Check your Transcription feedback on your Work History Dashboard to see how you’re doing. Your transcripts are regularly reviewed by fellow CrowdSurfers who score and edit your transcript according to how well your transcript adheres to the General Guidelines.
    #1 General Guidelines and Glossary.
    #2 Use the CrowdSurf Subreddit for guideline clarification.
    #3 Use your Work History Dashboard for immediate feedback on your HITs.



  1. The CrowdSurf “Getting Started” Guide
    Everything you need to know about logging in and working your first task!
  2. How-to: Your First CrowdSurf Task
    Watch a video tutorial about the CrowdSurf Transcription tool!
  3. The CrowdSurf General Guidelines and Sample Transcripts
    Learn how to apply CrowdSurf Style so you get “perfect” scores every time!
  4. The CrowdSurf Tech Support Guide Please include your worker ID in messages to the Support Team, click Support on the left to access live chat!
  5. The CrowdSurf Scoring System Stay on top of your CrowdSurf stats and increase your earnings!
We’re excited to have you on the CrowdSurf transcribing team!
If you still have questions please visit the CrowdSurf Support Center.
Whenever you’re ready go ahead and get started transcribing!

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