CrowdSurf Scoring Is Going Up!

We are always striving to improve CrowdSurf tools and technology in our efforts to provide the best transcription service and experience.

Part of our recent improvements include upgrades to our overall scoring system. Our goal is to create a fully transparent quality scoring system that more efficiently informs workers to make corrections thus ensuring higher quality transcripts.

The Benefits

  1. Since we have created greater efficiency, you have probably already noticed that we have been able to offer bigger bonus opportunities.
  2. The updated scoring system has also enable us to increase promotions within the crowd.
  3. Another important benefit, the changes in scoring have helped us to ensure higher media transcription quality.


The New Scoring Scale

Previously ‘Perfect’ work was scored as +10 and ‘Fair’ work was scored as a -1.

Perfect work will now be scored as +20 and ‘Fair’ work was scored as a 0.

All other scoring points will remain the same.


New Quality Scoring:

  • +20 = PERFECT (new)
  •  0 = FAIR (new)
  • -20 = POOR 
  • -40 = FRAUD

* These scores will be added or subtracted from your CrowdSurf qualification score –effective immediately.


Things To Remember

  • Level 2- At 100 HITS with 1000 points,  you can request to be reviewed for a level 2 promotion.
  • Level 3-Complete additional 200 Transcription HITs + 50 Review HITs with a QC score of 3.7+ to reach level 3.
  • Keep track of your Qualification Score, see it in action here!
  • Have questions?  Email us.

These changes will help you more easily keep track of your quality performance and create increased opportunities for CrowdSurf promotion.

We look forward to continue working with you.
Crowdsurf Support Team