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Transcription Weekly Bonus!

Amazing work CrowdSurfers!

We’ve had a great month! All of your hard work is significantly helping deaf and hard of hearing users enjoy the same experience as hearing users for online media.

Want to earn more for your awesome transcription services? It’s easy, just sign up with us on Work Market!

Your Weekly Transcription Bonus is back for another week.

Here’s what you need to know:

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Weekly Media Minute Bonus!

Happy February!

Show the CrowdSurfWork platform some love this month!

After last week’s updates load and save lag time is virtually non-existent! Learn more here.

Many of you did a fantastic job on the FTR challenge last week! If you want to really want to impress us, tell us how the “Correct Transcript” needs to be corrected here.

We have several new customer deals coming down the pipeline. Make sure you Keep in Touch and subscribe to our newsletter for work updates!


Here’s what you need to know this week:

  • Special Requirements reduced: Read below for Level 4-7 requirements.
  • Reduced Load & Save: Average load time is now a fraction of a second!
  • Task Numbers per Platform: Tasks are served to all platforms the same way, learn more here.

(Click “Read More” on the blog post preview to see full terms and conditions!)

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