Apply Transcription HITs towards CrowdSurfWork Multi-Day Bonus!

Your Weekly Bonus just keeps getting better!!



  1. No minimums! Bonuses apply to every minute you work this week!
  2. Retroactive bonus tiers! Each tier earns you a new bonus rate on ALL minutes worked. Once you hit 200 mm the $0.03 Bonus Rate goes back to your FIRST MINUTE, and the same with 300mm and 500mm!
  3. Multiply your Bonus! Submit 100+ mm multiple days of the week and multiply your Weekly Bonus! 
  4. NEW Credit your first 50 Transcrption HITs! Up to 50 Mturk Transcription HITs per day will be used towards your CrowdSurfWork Bonus!


That’s right, now your Mturk Transcription HITs can help you multiply your CrowdSurfWork Bonus!

Now credit up to 50 Mturk Transcription HITs towards the 100 media minute threshold for the Multi-Day CrowdSurfWork bonus!

More ways to hit bonus tiers! 1 Transcription HIT = 1 media minute

**Transcription HITs will not be counted twice. HITs counted towards the CrowdSurfWork Bonus 100 media minute thresholds, will not be counted in the Mturk Weekly Bonus.


Here’s how it works:

Your CSW Weekly Volume Bonus remains the same!

QC Score 3.75+

  • 1-199 minutes = $0.02/minute (Earn a bonus from your first minute!)
  • 200 mm = $6.00  ($0.03 on every approved minute 1-299)
  • 300 mm= $12.00 ($0.04 on every approved minute 1-499)
  • 500+ mm = $25.00 ($0.05 on ALL approved minutes)

**applies to media minutes and up to 50 Transcription HITs daily. HITs borrowed for the CSW Bonus will not be counted towards Mturk Bonus.


Still make $50 working 100mm x 5 days!!!


More ways to qualify for Multi-Day Accelerator Bonus!

  • 3 days of 100+ mm 100+ combined mm + Transcription HITs daily = 1.25 x Weekly Bonus!
  • 4 days of 100+ mm 100+ combined mm + Transcription HITs daily = 1.5 x Weekly Bonus!
  • 5 days of 100+ mm 100+ combined mm + Transcription HITs daily = 2 x your Weekly Bonus!



What does this mean for you?

Additional ways to multiply your bonus! Combine your media minutes in CrowdSurfWork and your Transcription HITs in Mturk to qualify for the daily 100 for the Multi-Day CSW Bonus!

  • Unable to Hit 100 mm daily? That’s okay! Work 75 media minutes in CrowdSurfWork, and substitute 25 Transcription HITs for the remaining media minutes!
  • Enjoy Transcription HITs more than FTR? That’s okay too! Work at least 50 media minutes in CrowdSurfWork, and complete the rest with 50 Transcription HITs in Mturk!
  • Prefer CrowdSurfWork over Mturk? Wonderful news! Keep up the great work and earn the MultiDay bonus with 100 media minutes in CrowdSurfWork!

Now your Mturk Transcription Work will replenish the CrowdSurfWork queues AND help you Multiply your CrowdSurfWork Weekly Volume Bonus! It’s the best of both worlds!


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NEW Details

  • No minimums – start earning bonus $ from your first approved minute!!
  • From 1-199 media minutes NOW bonused $0.02! 
  • Retroactive bonus tiers raise your entire bonus! Hit the tier and increase your pay rate across all minutes worked!
  • Submit 100mm a combination of 100 mm and HITs daily, multiple days this week to earn the Accelorator!
  • A minimum of 50 mm out of 100 must be completed to meet the daily 100 for the Multi-Day Bonus.
  • Only highest bonus applies! Transcription HITs counted towards CSW bonus will not be counted in Mturk Weekly Bonus.
  • Bonus tiers and rates are not cumulative, only the highest rate applies!
  • Bonus applies to any combination of FTR, FTR-GM, QC, QC Reject, Speaker ID, Timing submitted between Monday April 13 12:00am – Sunday April 19 11:59pm PST!
  • We’re a little low in FTR!  Replenish the CrowdSurfWork queues with Mturk Transcription here!



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