We are adding a SECOND Bonus this Saturday & Sunday!

For every approved 200 HITs get and extra $2.00 on Saturday and Sunday!  Each day the count starts fresh!

And if you complete 200+ HITs on both days we will give you an additional $1.00!

The best news- all completed HITs count toward the Weekly Bonus with Rollover!  So while you are qualifying for MAX Rollover rate, you can generate even more $$$!

Here’s are all the details:

  1. All Weekend Bonus earnings are in ADDITION to the Weekly Bonus earnings and Rollover!
  2. Bonus applies to work completed daily by Saturday 11:59 pm PST AND Sunday 11:59 pm PST!
  3. Weekend bonus periods run Saturday 7/12 12:00 am – 11:59 pm and Sunday 7/13 12:00 am – 11:59 pm PST!
  4. HITs completed through the weekend will count towards the weekly bonus and the weekend bonus!
  5. Bonus Payable Monday July 14, 2014.
  6. Daily bonus rates are not cumulative, highest rate applies!


Bonus rates:

  • Extra $2 for 200 HITs approved daily
  • Extra $4 for 400 HITs approved daily
  • Extra $6 for 600 HITs approved daily
  • Extra $8 for 800 HITs approved daily
  • Extra $10 for 1000 HITs approved daily
  • + Extra $1.00 for 200+ HITs approved daily Sat & Sun


Example of How much money you can generate:

Submit 400 HITs Saturday AND Sunday = earn an additional $4 each day for a total $8.00, +$1.00 Combined daily bonus for a TOTAL Weekend Bonus = $9.00!  This is in addition to your Weekly Bonus and Rollover  earnings !


How many HITs can you submit in a day?  We want to find out!   Log in now to test your limits.



Terms and Conditions

  • Bonus applied to approved transcription HITs only
  • HITs must be completed according to updated General Guidelines
  • Bonus applied to HITs completed daily, HITs completed Saturday do not count towards Sunday’s volume.
  • Bonus rates are not cumulative
  • Bonus payable Monday July 14, 2014.