There’s more to CrowdSurf HITs than meets the eye!

Transcription HITs are part of a much larger project to improve online media.


Want to know what happens after you hit submit?

  • Your transcripts are combined with other transcripts, and compiled into full-length transcripts.
  • After rigorous editing these transcripts become captions for online media ranging from entertainment to education.

Who uses these captions?

  • The CrowdSurf mission is to solve media challenges for hard of hearing and second language viewers.
  • Our focus is to build a community of optimistic and thoughtful crowds to create online media that is enjoyed by all, “for the crowd, by the crowd”.

Why does this matter to you, the transcriber?

  • Our Guidelines and Quality Control Processes are intended to create the best product possible for the end user –  deaf or second language viewers.
  • These captions must be created and edited with readability in mind. Formatting must match the video, style must be consistent throughout, and the transcript must be a verbatim copy of the speaker’s words so that a deaf viewer understands the video as well as any other viewer.
  • If something isn’t covered in our General Guidelines (we try to keep them as general as possible) keep in mind how the end result should look for a deaf viewer. Readability is key!

We take pride in providing on-demand transcription and captioning services that make online media more accessible and enjoyable for hard of hearing and second language users.

Thank you for being part of the CrowdSurf journey.

For the crowd, by the crowd.