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The QC Bonus Kicks Off The New Year!

QC Volume keeps staying up there and so are our bonus payments!  Please help us work through this backlog of QC Transcript tasks so we can clear the decks.


  • Earn $0.22 per media minute* by reviewing QC Transcript Tasks.


  • For 500 media minutes, earn a $50.00 bonus*
  • For 250 media minutes, earn a $20.00 bonus*
  • For 100 media minutes, earn a $5.00 bonus*
  • For 50 media minutes, earn a $2.00 bonus*

To take advantage of this incredible offer, all QC tasks must be completed by Midnight January 8th (PST). All QC Minutes worked since this morning (January 6th, 00:00 am PST) count towards your bonus as well!

*For a video demo of how to perform the QC Tasks, please click on this link .
*Check periodically for additional work via this link.
*Tasks approved according to the QC and Standard guidelines.
*Media minutes are calculated by aggregating the sum total of all QC’d sentences.
*Only one bonus offer valid at a time, approved media minutes will count towards the highest paying offer.
*Bonuses would be prorated between thresholds or above the highest threshold.
*Task Payments are made on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for work completed by midnight PST the night before.
*Bonus Payments are made on the first Monday, Wednesday and Friday after the bonus period.

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