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    Original Transcript:
    So, OPENSHIFT was designed from the getgo to allow us to support secure application development and deployment.
    Seer's look to a platform like OpenShift to fundamentally say how can I run existing applications that I have, um, at lower cost.
    >> So, you know using those tools that are build into OpenShift Enterprise right, has allowed to scale rapidly.
    Bring us solution just to mark it a lot faster, do all the things that a [UNKNOWN] actually brings to the market.
    >> So, Red Hat has always been a true collaborator, especially in the open source world.
    We've believed that we need to partner, increasingly not just with other companies, but also with the users.
    [INAUDIBLE] Right so there's almost an ocean for codevelopment that you have. [MUSIC}
    >> We're really excited about OpenShift three, We've been really anxious to get our hands on it, and we've just started playing with it recently.
    >> We looked at every other PaaS offering that was available at the time, and we evaluated every offer when we selected OpenShift Enterprises our partner.
    >> When we first saw OpenShift we actually ran it into [UNKNOWN]
    >> I'd want to take advantage of efficiency that containers provided to our [UNKNOWN] provided with public cloud.
    >> We've got to introduce the concept of continuously [UNKNOWN] tool and with Trio, you have [UNKNOWN] and addressable containers
    >> Really, it provides us with manageability and security in a whole new, different way that time capability is really shrink down much faster for us.
    >> The ability for us to put more of our work load into those containers really helps us be more efficient, helps us be faster more nimble Makes it easier for us to test In the end everything just gets better and easier the more we can put into these containers.
    Openshift 3 is gonna help us manage that all.
    >> We designed Openshift to help address these challenges that CIOs have.
    CIOs can take advantage of neo-language and frameworks.
    CIOs can run the OPENSHIFT platform in a traditional data center, in infrastructure service environments like Openstack.
    In their existing VM ware norm this will choose as well as enhanced virtualization environment as well as other third party clouds, like whether it's Amazon, or Google.
    So, we give them a lot of flexibility.
    >> So, by building on top of OpenShift, that got us a lot of um, bang for the buck in terms of containers and modularization and things we wanted to manage our platform
    >> [UNKNOWN] And the thing people sort of don't realize about the world and the way it's changed the past couple years is that. Pretty much everything's run by software nowadays.
    We wanted someone to come in and help us, a trusted partner if you will, right to come in and give us some, [MUSIC] give us a leg up in the market, right.
    >> In some ways I think our choice of open shift enterprise was based more
    >> On the relationship that we establish with the Red Hat folks?
    So, the relationship we have with those guys that support open shift as a product today is is more than I could ever ask for.

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