CrowdSurf Practice Page

Try your hand at CrowdSurf transcription.  This is where you’ll fill in your contact information and complete a brief task so you can show us your transcribing and editing skills!

Please be sure to review CrowdSurf Resources before you get started.

Complete the Full-Length Practice task in four easy steps!
Just input your contact information, copy/paste the original transcript, perform a Full-Text Review of the transcript, then click submit!

Full Text Review Practice Task

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    FTR Task
    Watch the video below and edit the transcript according to the CrowdSurf General Guidelines and the FTR Guidelines.

    Edit your transcript here:
    Copy and paste the original transcript (see below) into the text box in order to edit it. Once you're done editing, hit Submit.

    This is temporarily not an active tutorial

    If you are interested in transcription, please sign up on Work Market !