Whether you adopted a dog in quarantine or your beloved family pet is now spoiled with your constant presence, your animals are probably very happy with WFH. However, this silver lining for pets may be turning into a challenge for you as we push through another remote year.

Let’s dive into the two big issues: a bored pet and lots of work to do. 

How to Keep Your Dog Busy

Introduce morning walks before your workday.

This will give your dog an opportunity to release their energy and avoid going stir-crazy all morning. On top of this, try taking a different route every day. This will help stimulate your dog’s brain and tire them out before the workday.

Invest in interactive toys

But, be careful what kind of toys you purchase. Giving your dog a squeaky toy will drive you crazy an hour in. Instead, look for toys that challenge your dog mentally. This could be in a form of a puzzle, making them work to remove a treat, or an automatic ball launcher (if you have the room).

Strategic playtime

Playing with your dog is extremely important (and fun!). But, make sure you are setting boundaries for when playtime is acceptable. You don’t want your furry friend to think they can interrupt you at any moment because they are bored. Instead, try playing with your animal away from your desk to signal designations between play and work.

Keeping Your Cat Entertained

Use perches, climbing surfaces, or scratching posts

Cats are naturally curious hunters, meaning they are always in tune with what is happening around them. Because of this, most cats like to be positioned in high places. A cat tree with a view at the window will allow your cat to focus on what is happening away from your desk.

Playtime with interactive toys

Interactive toys such as wands, mouses, or feathers are great ways to play with your cat on your timeline. Having morning playtime will allow your cat to happily snooze throughout the workday.

Recreate the Hunt

Play into their animal nature by creating a hunting game for your cat. For example, toss a piece of food at a time across the room and watch your cat go after it. This will help not only nourish your cat’s body and mind but also wear them out.

To conclude, here are some adorable photos of the challenge of working from home with pets: