Despite what social media shows, not everyone can afford to take a glorious summer vacation. Whether this is for a lack of time off, financial constraints, childcare responsibilities, or just an avoidance of vacation prep, putting together a staycation is a great alternative for anyone looking to take a break from work and enjoy the summer. Below are some of our curated staycation activities bound to entertain you and your group.

1. Go on a hike

Even if your city doesn’t have major hiking outlets, take a walk around a part of your area you’ve never seen before.

2. Visit the tourist attractions within your own city

Whether this is visiting a local museum, riding bikes around town, signing up for a tour, or anything else your city is known for, it will make your time off feel like a real vacation.

3. Play a round of golf (or just hit the driving range!)

4. Book a local hotel

Make your time off truly feel like a vacation by staying somewhere other than your house. Most hotels offer deals for weekdays or off-peak days.

5. Host a BBQ or potluck for friends and family

6. Go see a movie or theater show

Movie theaters and live shows are slowly coming back! Take advantage of this in your free time.

7. Play a game of tennis

Most resorts sell you on their tennis offerings. But, did you know that most high schools and major parks will let you use their court for free? Just grab your racquets and a ball.

8. Bring your book and layout in the sun

9. See a local baseball game

Summer is the perfect time to get out of the house and see your local team. Grab a hot dog, peanuts, hot chocolate, whatever your go-to baseball snack is, and enjoy the game!

10. Try out a new exercise class

11. Have a spa day

Whether this be going to your local spa or just having an at-home version, taking a moment for self-care will do wonders for your relaxation.

12. Put on an outdoor movie night!

13. Camp at your local campsite

A vacation doesn’t have to be expensive. Avoid hotel, gas, and flight costs by choosing a campsite close to your home for a hassle-free night away.

14. Go for a picnic at your local park

15. Catch up on sleep!

There is nothing better than feeling well-rested. Use your vacation time to just relax. No planning involved, just sleep.