After a year of widespread remote work, employees and employers have seen the value in a flexible working environment. The following are some interesting statistics on the benefits of remote work for productivity, work satisfaction, and more.

1. Increase in productivity

A survey produced by the Boston Consulting Group reported that despite the challenges produced by the pandemic, 75% of employees said they feel that they have maintained or improved productivity. Additionally, Stanford University found that over a nine-month period, remote employees were 13% more productive.

2. Decrease in missed days

As COVID-19 hit, monitoring the health of you and your loved ones has become increasingly important. The CDC recommends staying home if you’re feeling sick, allowing remote workers to continue working if you wanted.

3. Increase in workforce diversity

With an increase in remote work, the talent pool has grown exponentially. Hiring managers can recruit employees globally and across time zones, making their teams diverse in terms of gender and gender identity, race, ethnicity, abilities, and physical location.

4. Less stress

A recent survey of 3,900 employees found that 80% of people believe a flexible job would help manage their mental health. This is a huge benefit for at-home workers. Having the flexibility to take a mental health day or hour is important for managing stress.

5. Reduced costs for employees & employers

Both organizations and employees financially benefit from remote work. It’s estimated that allowing employees to work from home even half of the time can save employers approximately $11,000 per employee. On the employee side, working from home decreases overhead costs such as commenting, food, clothing, and childcare.

Overall, 2021 has been a year of changes with some organizations moving back to the in-person offices, while others continue to push their remote programing. At Crowdsurf, we see the value in remote work and continue to appreciate the flexibility, productivity, and over satisfaction it provides workers.