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Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Weekly Bonuses will go out by Tuesday 8/23/16 11:59pm PT.
  2. Weekly Bonus: Read below to review this week’s Bonus updates! Weekly Bonuses require a 3.75 QC score!
  3. Promotions: Transcribers need a 3.85+ QC score AND at least 200 HITs weekly for a promotion!

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The Weekly Transcription Bonus

Bonus Details-

First bonus rate achieved at 100 HITs any day of the week.

  • This bonus applies to Transcription and Transcription “Review and Edit” NOT “Review, edit, and score” HITs
  • Each HIT has a prorated bonus after HIT 300!
  • Highest rate applies – bonus tiers and prorates are not cumulative.

Weekly Bonus Rates!

Weekly QC score of 3.75+

  1. $1.00 for 100 HITs approved
  2. $5.00 for 200 HITs approved
  3. $9.00 for 300 HITs approved ($0.03 on every approved HIT 301-499)
  4. $20.00 for 500 HITs approved ($0.04 on every approved HIT 501-999)
  5. $50.00 for 1000 HITs approved ($0.05 on every approved HIT 1001+)

Earn a higher bonus and qualify for a CrowdSurf promotion by reviewing your Work History Dashboard.

Weekly Terms & Conditions

  1. Applied to approved Transcription HITs, “Edit the Transcript” HITs ONLY, not “Review, Edit and score” HITs.
  2. Must achieve a 3.75 weekly QC score to earn the bonus!
  3. Please see General Guidelines to increase approved HITs.
  4. Bonuses available on CrowdSurfWork platform only.
  5. Bonus Effective 12:00 AM PT Monday August 15, through 11:59 PM PST Sunday August 21, 2016.
  6. Bonus payable Tuesday August 23, 2016.
  7. Bonuses are only paid on our CSW platform