Welcome to the new CrowdSurfWork Platform!

Say Goodbye to the old Crowd Virtualizer, and Hello to CrowdSurfWork!

We’re excited to introduce an all new CrowdSurf experience, available immediately on CrowdSurfWork, our spiffy new private transcribing and editing platform.

Don’t worry all of your favorite CrowdSurf tasks are still available.

  • For Level 1 and Level 2, all of your HITs are on Mturk.
  • For Level 4 and above, all of your tasks have a new home on the CrowdSurfWork Platform!

See the CrowdSurfWork Getting Started Guide to help you navigate the new changes.

Still have questions? Visit our new FAQ!



1. Faster Load Times
No more waiting for tasks to load or submit, means increased effective pay rates!

2. Reliable Service
Fewer instances of unexpected downtime and maintenance, means increased bonus earning potential!

3. New Name, Same CrowdSurf
All work previously accessed on Crowd Virtualizer will now be available on the CrowdSurfWork Platform. We’re working on choosing a new name, give us your suggestions here!

4. Updated Log-in
With a new CrowdSurfWork Platform comes new log-in credentials. Access your new account here. Check your email for your new username and password or email support@crowdsurfwork.com if you need more help. Use your new worker ID to see your CrowdSurf stats, here.

5. More to Come
These improvements build the foundations for the future of CrowdSurfWork.
And this is just the beginning. See more details below for what’s ‘in the works’ for CrowdSurf!



A Streamlined Work Experience
Updated work queues and levels will boost individual efficiency, and allow us to offer higher volumes of work.

Personalized Dashboard Tools
Work and payment history will be available directly on the CrowdSurfWork platform with feedback, scoring, earnings and more.

Expanded Video Interface
Transcribing and editing technical videos will be a breeze with our new “Theater Mode” option.


Finally, we want to express a big THANK YOU to all of you who participated in Beta testing.

Your hard work, eye for detail, and most of all your extensive feedback brought all of these new features to life. Everything we do is for the crowd, by the crowd, and the future success of CrowdSurf depends on your continued dedication to excellence, collaboration, and accessible online media.

All of your hard work guides the direction of CrowdSurf progress, so once again, thank you!


When you’re ready, explore CrowdSurfWork!


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