Relaxed Rejection Rules on Challenging Audio!

You never need to skip through HITS again!

If you see this pop-up box, we’ve identified this as a Challenging Audio HIT.

Now, accept and work these HITs to the best of your ability, and there’s no risk of rejection!

Simply put a reasonable effort into HITs with challenging audio!

Even better-

we want to make sure you receive an extra bonus for taking on the challenge of transcribing these HITs.   Look for the Pop-Up box to alert you of suspected challenging HIT… Give them a shot!


  1. If you see this Pop-Up, Click accept!
  2. There is an automatic approval for submitting the HIT, even if it is [INAUDIBLE],  that’s right – no rejection!
  3. Earn a bonus if you make a reasonable effort to transcribe the HIT.


Thank you,
Your CrowdSurf Support team!