Welcome Gradible
Full Text Review Editors!

Here’s what you need to know
to get started with CrowdSurf Full Text Review!


  1. What is CrowdSurf Full Text Review?
    CrowdSurf transcripts go through a multi-step process. Full Text Review is the step immediately after transcription. All of the video’s 20 second snippets are combined into one Full Length transcript. These Full Length transcripts are about 15-20 minutes long, and require proofreading and editing in order to match the video and adhere to the General Guidelines.
  2. What is my job as a Full Text Editor?
    You are responsible for editing and identifying any timing errors in Full Length Transcripts. This is the first time anyone has seen the Full Length Transcript after all of its MTurk HITs come together, and we need you to make sure it is 100% PERFECT. Click here to see Full Text Review Guidelines. (Note: some tasks will have an additional Special Guideline pop-up that you need to follow)
  3. How do I get paid?
    All of your payments will come through Gradible, and are different than CrowdSurf’s normal pay rates. Please ignore any bonus announcements, or pay rates displayed on tasks. Your payment will be based on the volume and accuracy of your work. The more you work, and the higher your Quality Control score, the more you make! Please direct all payment questions to Gradible.
  4. How do I continue working on Full Text Review?
    CrowdSurf maintains strict quality standards to provide accurate captions for deaf and hard of hearing viewers. After you submit your FTR job, it is graded and assigned a Quality Control (QC) score. Your continued access to CrowdSurfWork tasks will be based on your average QC score.  You must maintain a 3.5 avg QC score and a 90% Approval Rating in FTR.
  5. How can I be a successful Full Text Editor?
    #1 Follow the General Guidelines and Glossary.
    #2 Use the on-screen formatting and spelling to guide your transcript.
    #3 Check your email for FTR feedback from the CrowdSurf Support Team.


  1. The CrowdSurf “Getting Started” Guide
    Everything you need to know about logging in and working your first FTR task!
  2. The CrowdSurf General Guidelines and Sample Transcripts
    Learn how to apply CrowdSurf Style so you get “perfect” scores every time!
  3. The CrowdSurf Full Text Review Guidelines
    Learn how to apply the General Guidelines to Full Length Transcripts!
We’re excited to have you on the CrowdSurf FTR team!
If you have any questions feel free to email us at support@crowdsurfwork.com.
Whenever you’re ready go ahead and get started!