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  1. What are CrowdSurf Special Handling tasks?
    Special Handling tasks are the best because the content is interesting, current events, and entertaininment media like your favorite comedy show! No more boring lectures! Special Handling tasks are the editing and retiming step for high-precision media. These tasks need a little extra TLC, so you complete a review of the Full Length transcript, and correct any incorrect timing.
  2. What is my job on Special Handling tasks?
    You are responsible for proofreading, correcting and retiming the transcript to create accurate video captions. For best results:

  3. How do I get paid?
    All of your payments will come through Gradible. Your payment will be based on the volume and accuracy of your work. The more you work, the more you make! Please ignore CrowdSurf’s posted rates and direct all payment questions to Gradible.
  4. How do I get started?
    Special Handling tasks are available daily, and in LARGE quantity every evening! The best time to log in is 8pm-10pm PST! Log in here with your username and password. Example: If your name is John Doe,

    • Username: John.Doe
    • Password: p@ssw0rd

    Email support@crowdsurfwork.com immediately if you have issues logging in!

Additional Resources

  1. The CrowdSurf “Getting Started” Guide
    Everything you need to know about logging in and working your first task!
  2. The CrowdSurf General Guidelines and Sample Transcripts
    Learn how to apply CrowdSurf Style so you get “perfect” scores every time!
  3. CrowdSurf Video Tutorials on Transcript Editing and Transcript Timing!
    Learn how to master the tools for Special Handling tasks!
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