Mechanical Turk


Updated Review Tool

We are removing the guesswork out of reviewing and editing CrowdSurf transcripts!  The new Review Tool will be much easier in the long run and save you time!

Please read through our training guides and give the new Review Tool a whirl.   We are including a Comment Form at the bottom of this page as we would love to get your feedback and ideas.

Use the new training video and document to learn more!


  • No More Decisions. You no longer have to decide what deserves a Perfect, Good, Poor or Fraud rating.
  • We Do The Work. Just count the number and types of errors and our tool will take it from there.
  • Speak Up. Provide comments when you choose Guideline or Other errors.
  • More Options. Separate checkboxes for ums, uhs, and major missing words.
  • Save Time. Shortcuts for identifying suspected fraudulent work.
  • Reminders. Friendly pop-ups ensure that perfect transcripts are submitted every time!

Enjoy the new CrowdSurf Review Tool.  If you have further questions visit our new FAQ’s!

We want your feedback on our tools!

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