General Guidelines

The following  general guidelines are updated MONTHLY, so check back often!

1. Outline

We have segmented the General Guidelines into several helpful sections within a Table Of Contents, for ease of use.

  • Most Common Requirements
  • Grammar
  • Numbers & Science
  • Sound Quickies
  • Computer Related
  • Sample Transcripts
  • Notes

2. Search

We recommend using the Microsoft Word version of the General Guidelines for full use of the Table Of Contents and Search features.  For getting the most out of the Search function-

  • Use Search Box in the upper right corner of the Microsoft Word
  • CMD+F in the Google Doc

Search Word


3. Notes

These guidelines are meant to be printed out, and referred to often. There’s a handy notes section at the end where you can write your own tips and tricks for CrowdSurf HITs. You could even create your own cheatsheet for the guidelines.