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Expert Review Tutorial Task


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    Expert Review Task
    Watch the video below and edit the transcript according to the CrowdSurf General Guidelines and the FTR Guidelines.

    We are looking for:
    1. Successful use of video for context
    2. Correct spelling and formatting of names
    3. Correct tag usage
    Special Guidelines for this task: Quotation marks are acceptable in this transcript, please use them when necessary.

    Edit your transcript here:
    Copy and paste the original transcript (see below) into the text box in order to edit it.
    Then hit submit when you are done editing your transcript.

    Original Transcript:
    Number Seven, Charles DuPont's over there!
    145 and a half for Charles Olievera [APPLAUSE] [UNKNOWN], number five in the world Max [UNKNOWN] Hummaway.
    >> [APPLAUSE]
    >> 145 for Max Hummaway.
    >> [APPLAUSE]
    That makes it official, ladies and gentlemen, let's hear it for our headliners Charles Olievera and Max Holloway [APPLAUSE].
    We'll see you right back here for the fights tomorrow night.