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    Expert Review Task
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    Original Transcript:
    Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first day of the new season.
    New team, new manager, and you can feel the sense of excitement and anticipation all around the ground.
    Following a summer of formation tinkering and intense transfer speculation, let's take a look at how the TV and content team have shaken up ahead of their opening match.
    And goal of the manager is to [INAUDIBLE] a reliable pair of pants in the form of the [INAUDIBLE] security team.
    Not much got pass them last season.
    And they'll be hoping for plenty more theme sheets/g over the course of the coming season.
    It's program delivery at left back and big things are expected the manager will be looking for them to show plenty of ambition going forward as well as making sure that things are rock solid at the back.
    >> It's the puppet show.
    >> Our rule is to translate Bt retail strategy into success through delivering technology solutions in well ordered programs of work.
    We start with requirements capture.
    >> Would you say that your team delivered projects on time.
    [NOISE] Keeping things tied to the back we have the new pairing of IPTV operations and service acceptance and media and broadcast operations.
    The management has great faith that this pairing will form a strong and dependable back line [INAUDIBLE] to their player profiles.
    >> Welcome to the IPTV service desk.
    The core monitoring center's a vision of classics/g and linear TV.
    It's just an ordinary, quiet nothing to report with what's this?
    One of the front line notice.
    Channel dime, channel dime.
    Okay guys, action stations.
    Engage diagnosis.
    Move in technical support team.
    Get your checks on guys.
    What's the status update?
    Are we green, are we red, okay guys engage your management team.
    >> Hurry up here.
    Tippy/g asleep.
    >> Wake up, wake up, wake up.
    >> Let's get on the call and get this result.
    >> No surprise that right back with service delivery are consistent performers for the new managers since their recent signing.
    Robust at the back, with great service into the box.
    Third party platforms fill a left material [UNKNOWN], with great things expected from this on load signing/g.
    Always a crowd pleaser.
    Taking up the defensive [UNKNOWN] in the field, we have systems integration and test.
    A reliable box to box mid-fielder.
    The manager will be expecting them to really glue this team together.
    But what was he already?
    >> That's insane.
    >> Stop for a second and think about what happens when you change an IP channel on a BT UView set top box.
    >> Football, ey?
    >> So, set top box.
    Broadband, TV connect, geo nodes, [INAUDIBLE] all working together and that's a simplified version of just one journey.
    There are hundreds.
    That's what the system integration and intern/g testing are all about.
    We put together the component platforms for the whole journey.
    Get them working together.
    Test them.
    Find the defects and get them fixed.
    Must have HD movies, sport, and [UNKNOWN] from BT and all of that just to change a channel.
    Few will be surprised to see outside broadcasting in the heart of midfield.
    The manager will be relying on them to cover ground all over the country as the season progresses.
    >> Hi, I'm Steve, manager of the [UNKNOWN] operation.
    And we're here in Arsenal/g in the broadcast compound ready to deliver the weekend game.
    BT Sport.
    Here's one of our nice fiber OB/b trucks.
    This goes around everywhere doing jobs for BT Sport, Sky, BBC iTV and everyone you see on the TV.
    Let's have a look inside, see what's going on.
    Hope it's all respectable.
    >> Oh Eddie.
    >> How you doing there.
    What are you up to.
    I'm setting up for the match today.
    >> Injecting some flair on the right side of midfield, it's Client Devices.
    They've been working hard in preseason, and we can expect to see some fireworks from this player.
    >> Hi, my name's James Duker/g.
    I am director of client devices for BTTV.
    We're the platform responsible for all TV related devices and user interfaces for BTTV.
    That ranges from smart TVs to set top boxes to dongles and to iPhone apps.
    We're 30 people strong, and we're spread between London, Adastral, Edenborough, and Belfast.
    >> The manager favors a big man up top.
    And no surprise, he has opted for the physical presence and honesty of head end distribution and boss we need to make a video for the fifth.
    >> Okay what do we need to say.
    >> Well I think looking at this thing we need to explain.
    Putting together the TV connect platform content distribution of the vast platform and infrastructure teams.
    To create single platforms.
    It's gonna do component design for us, it's gonna do development and it's gonna do unit testing for all of our backend systems for television.
    And so what are we going to be called.
    We're going to be called the head end content distribution and vision online service plan.
    That is your published name?
    >> I know, it's dreadful.
    >> Who came up [UNKNOWN].
    >> Well, this pair of jokers.
    >> Still don't like the name very much though.
    >> I hate it, I hate it.
    I tell you what we'll do.
    >> There you've got the big man.
    It's apprentices.
    Natural pace and some sparkling preseason form has made them an indispensable member of the team.
    So what do apprentices do?
    >> Well employee welfare provision.
    >> So I think we should do [INAUDIBLE] on Tuesday, what do you think.
    >> Thanks.
    I said no milk.
    >> Management support functions.
    And internal communications governance.
    >> Nick/g, next half an hour.
    >> What you've seen here are common misconceptions about what apprentices do.
    >> Here at the BT Tower, apprentices are given a variety of roles to prepare themselves for a career in the organization.
    These roles range from product delivery to operations.
    Apprentices are at the very heart of what we do, and have often built systems that you use.
    >> And use the skills they learn to contribute in the workplace with project/g deliveries/g and maintenance.
    >> We also get involved in many other things.
    >> Such as socialites.
    And we also do some volunteer work.
    Like organizing fund raising activities.
    We often do deliveries for food bank.
    Well I'm sure you'll agree.
    It's a formidable lineup with bags of potential now it's time to deliver on the pitch.
    >> That the great [NOISE].