Transcription Review Assessment


Thank you for participating in CrowdSurf’s Transcription Review Assessment!

This assessment is part of CrowdSurf’s regular promotion process. We need your help to uphold standards of high quality and accuracy with Clean Verbatim transcripts.

Your goal as a Transcript Reviewer is to make sure you get the most correct transcript to Full Text Review while fairly and accurately documenting errors committed by the transcriber.

This is your chance to make a huge difference in the quality of transcripts going into FTR, as well as mentor your fellow CrowdSurfers to produce the best transcripts possible.

You must complete this assessment  successfully to be awarded your Transcription Review Qualification.
You will need to know the CrowdSurf General Guidelines and implementation practices backwards and forwards for this assessment.

You may only take the assessment once, so please prepare and follow the instructions carefully.

Review the following resources before you get started:

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