Juggling work from home and other responsibilities is already hard enough. Now, it has become even more challenging to entertain and engage kids while school out for the summer! Take a look at some of the below strategies to help maximize your time with your kids and at work.

Set clear expectations

The biggest challenge going into summer break is setting realistic expectations for both you and your kids. Don’t promise amusement park visits every Tuesday or beach days every day if you can’t feasibly fulfill them. On the other side, also set clear expectations for yourself. If you know that you want to watch The Avengers with your kids, set aside the computer and join them. Setting boundaries and expectations will help you split your time and allow you to feel like you aren’t missing out on either.

Encourage self-entertainment

Depending on how old your kids are, self-entertainment can be a lifesaver. Instead of them running to you every time they are bored, have them come up with activities on their own that don’t require parent involvement. Some ideas could be reading time, a treasure hunt, summer school work, screen time, or outdoor play.

Adjust your schedule

Balancing your work and home life may require flexibility on both sides. Going into the summer break, know that while your schedule worked great while the kids were in school, it may not work now. Try out different schedules and adjust according to your family’s needs. This may be picking up on work after your kids go to bed or fitting in your workout before they get up.

Reach out for help

Working and raising children is more than a full-time job. It is okay if you need to reach out for outside help. This could be getting a regular babysitter, signing your kids up for summer camp, asking the neighbor to come by, or other community programs.

Leave time for fun

Take advantage of the fact that you have more time to spend with your kids. Whether it is working next to them while they watch their favorite show or taking a neighborhood walk break, the little moments add up. It is okay if your work-life looks different in the summer than the rest of the year. Schedule in time for fun because those are the moments you will look back on and remember.