While you may have already perfected your work-from-home environment, changing up your routines can have great benefits for productivity and overall work satisfaction. Take a look at the following tips and tricks to see if they can add benefits to your work life.

Dress For Success

While it might sound cliche, dressing up during your work hours will help put yourself in the right mindset. This doesn’t have to mean dressing to the nines or putting on your work blazer, but it could just be putting on a pair of jeans. This will help create separation between your personal and work modes.

For those who aspire to have a more active lifestyle, putting your workout clothes on first thing in the morning will force you to do some form of exercise before the day is over.

Schedule In Commute Time

While cutting down on commute time is a major benefit of working from home, it can also blur the line between personal and work time. No need to jump in the car or buy a bus pass, but consider taking a walk before your workday to simulate arriving at work. One mile is just enough to get your body and mind moving.

Set Alarms Throughout The Day

Your iPhone alarm doesn’t just have to be used for wake-up. Set an alarm for lunch, stretch breaks, or other activities throughout the day to keep you on a schedule. Having an external reminder will make it harder to keep pushing through the day when you know you need a mental break. Just 10 mins every couple of hours can work wonders for your productivity.

Defeat Distractions

According to The Muse, employees admit to being distracted for over 3 hours during the workday, not including lunch or scheduled breaks. One of the biggest distractions at work is web surfing, accounting for 44% of interruptions. To avoid these challenges, try putting up ad blockers or closing non-work-related tabs.

Distractions can also take other forms, including household tasks such as laundry, dishes, or other chores. Try setting your workspace in an environment that has a door to close or faces away from the rest of your house. Out of sight, out of mind is the key here. However, if you feel the need to do things other than work, set a timer!


We hope these tips will aid you in creating the perfect work-from-home lifestyle, but if they aren’t for you, no worries! There are many other ways to keep yourself focused and engaged throughout the day.