April 10th marks the Global Work From Home Day, making it a great opportunity to appreciate all of our at-home workers! This year more than ever, employees, organizations, and companies have moved online and have now realized the amazing benefits of working from home.

At Crowdsurf, we have always seen the value in flexibility, autonomy, and convenience from working from home. In celebration, we have outlined some of the major benefits of remote work on the individual, organization, and society.


Working from home allows you to set your schedule. Eat lunch, take a walk, play with your dog, all on your own timeline. A sense of control over your projects and schedule allows you to set yourself up for success.

2. No More Commute Stress

Working from home eliminates both stress and time wasted. Instead of leaving your house an hour early in case of traffic, spend that time sleeping, working out, or just relaxing. Working from home allows you to roll up to your meeting on the dot.

3. Location Independence

One of the biggest benefits of remote work is the ability to live wherever. If you’re headquartered in New York, Los Angeles, or even Santa Barbara, it doesn’t mean you have to pay rent there. Additionally, working from home allows you to visit a new place, even in the middle of the workweek without impacting your income.

4. Positive Environmental Impact

Even before the pandemic, nearly 3.8 million employees worked from home at least part-time. This reduced greenhouse gas emissions significantly. In fact, it was the equivalent of taking 600,000 cars off the road for an entire year. Given that almost the entire world has moved online this year, these environmental impacts are expected to rise exponentially.

5. Personalized Office Space

Working from home allows you to set up your office the way you like it. Place your desk facing the window, find the perfect chair, or just have the temperature set the way you want. Having your own office space has many benefits to both happiness and productivity.

6. Happy, Healthy Lifestyle

Overall, working from home has incredible benefits, but most importantly is its ability to foster a happy, healthy lifestyle. By navigating your own space and schedule, you have the ability to take mindfulness or stretch breaks, as well as scheduling time with family or friends.

At Crowdsurf, we have always valued the benefits of working from home. We hope that you see them as clearly as we do. Happy Global Work From Home Day!