April is spring cleaning month and part two is here! Tackling one thing a day makes it all manageable. Save this list to inspire your next cleaning project.

Day 15: Switch out winter decor

Day 16: Wash your linens

This is good to do every two weeks.

Day 17: Organize any hobby supplies or other crafts

Day 18: Shampoo the carpets

Day 19: Vacuum couches, heavy chairs, etc.

Day 20: It’s time to tackle the garage!

Throw out any unused or barely used items. If you haven’t touched it in a year, you probably don’t need it. Then, sweep out the garage floor, wash any gloves, rags, or shoes, and dust off any shelves.

Day 21: Clean out your air vents and bathroom fans

Day 22: Repair day!

Fix any broken furniture pieces, clothing items, or anything else you’ve been pushing off fixing for the last couple of months.

Day 23: Clean your dishwater out

Day 24: Flip the mattress!

Day 25: Sort your dishware

Mugs, water bottles, glasses, etc can all be organized and sorted to make finding them easier.

Day 26: Clean your walls

Day 27: Sort through the pantry

Go through your non-perishables, check expiration dates, and donate any unwanted food to clean out space for foods to actually do like.

Day 28: Take out any trash or recycling

Day 29: Donate any unwanted clothes, toys, or other stuff

Day 30: Finish with the last dust and vacuum!