2020 and now 2021 has changed the way we work and workout from home. From desk bikes to doing squats during phone calls, the fitness industry, valued at over $11 billion, has worked diligently to modify their products and offerings to accommodate work-from-home employees. The following products and tips aim to help you create a healthy work-life fitness balance within your daily routine. 

Convert your road bike into a stationary bike

This amazon bike trainer stand is great for those who can’t rationalize spending $1800 on a peloton when they have a perfectly good street bike laying around in their garage. Better yet, if you enjoy spin classes and other workout classes, this product paired with the Peloton app subscription (only $12.99 a month), gives you a budget peloton. 

Purchase an under your desk elliptical

Working from home makes multitasking easier. This product will allow you to answer emails, jump on zoom calls, and work on your project all while burning calories. The best part is that you won’t even notice!

Start an at-home workout plan

Fitness influencers, companies, and organizations have a multitude of programs they are trying to push. Do your research to figure out what is best for you and invest in yourself! Some popular offerings include:

Look into a balance ball chair

Not only will a balance ball chair aid you in burning calories, but also looks just plain fun! While sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day, you can strengthen your core and back health. This product also can keep energy levels high and increase productivity by promoting an active lifestyle, even if your work life is mostly sedentary.

Invest in a fitness tracker

Maybe trying to work out while working isn’t for you. Fitness trackers, such as an Apple Watch, often have features that will remind you to stand, walk, drink water, etc throughout the day. This can be a great resource to keep your body moving and take a mental break from that project you’ve been working on.

Working out at home is all about what works for you and schedule. If any of these products or offerings appeal to you, great! If not, there are so many other alternatives on the market to aid your working out while working at home journey.