Start spring off right by cleaning out your house, car, office, or anything else that needs help. Use this guide to get a little bit done every day.

Day 1: Dust

Day 2: Take a Look at Your Clothes

Evaluate what you wear and what you don’t. As the season changes, move your winter clothes to the back of your closet.

Day 3: Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

Day 4: Sort Your Shoes

Day 5: Clean the Small Appliances

This includes microwaves, toasters, air fryers, and anything else you use on a regular basis.

Day 6: Clean Your Car (Outside AND Inside)

Day 7: Tackle The Fridge

Day 8: Clean Your Hair and Makeup Brushes

Soak hair and makeup brushes in soapy water to remove any dirt or grime. While cleaning makeup brushes, also make sure to toss any old liquid makeup (anything over 3 months old) and power products (anything over a year).

Day 9: Clean Your Windows

Day 10: Declutter the Bathroom

Day 11: Wash all your linens

This includes couch covers, drapes, kitchen towels, throw blankets, and anything else you may not think to wash regularly.

Day 12: Organize Your Electronics

Time to tackle those cords! Sort through and organize all of your old electronics including old gaming counsels, cell phones, keyboards, etc.

Day 13: Go Through That Junk Drawer

Day 14: Clean Your Oven

Use the manufacturer’s instructions to run your clean setting. Also, make sure to tackle the cooktop and ventilation hood for a full, deep clean.

Day 15: Toss All Old Papers, Newspapers, and Magazines

Anything you don’t need, take a picture or toss.

Part two coming next week!