Global warming is not going away. Just in the United States, we have had a myriad of natural disasters and weather-related tragedies in the last year. From the California wildfires stretching across the state to thousands of Texans lacking access to basic needs such as water, gas, and electricity due to below freezing temperatures, it’s evident implementing more sustainability practices is essential.

On top of that, in between California and Hawaii lives a floating plastic patch twice the size of Texas, sea levels are rising, and overall the earth is warming. However, there is some things we can all do at home to help combat climate change.

  1. Swap paper towels for kitchen towels

  2. Hang dry clothes whenever possible

  3. Switch from dryer sheets to reusable dryer balls

  4. Get thrifty! Shop pre-loved clothing when you can

  5. Bring reusable bags to the grocery store

  6. Start composting extra food scraps

  7. Take the stairs (rather than the energy-sucking elevator)

  8. Switch too low-flow shower-heads and sinks

  9. Go paperless for all of your bills! Banks, electricity, water, etc..

  10. Wash your clothes in cold water

  11. Start buying LED light bulbs instead of regular ones

  12. Lastly, decorate your house with plants for indoor air cleaning!

These suggestions above are some easy ways to decrease your carbon footprint. However, there are so many other ways as well. Even practicing these once a week will help.