Hello CrowdSurfers,

New work will be hitting the queues soon! These will have special guidelines that we need you to look over and follow.  DON’T ignore the POP-UP!

Below are a couple of examples of some of the guidelines we need you to get familiar with.

For these jobs, we are looking ONLY for the following information to be transcribed:
Card ID
First & Last name
Address1 & Address2
Insurance Company
Member ID & Group ID

If none of the above is provided transcribe the entire HIT as [BLANK_AUDIO] 

First & last names and street address & apartment number should be separated by space and exclamation mark and if the speaker gives you two fields of information (Name and Email or Name and Street Address, etc.), then separate each field with space and exclamation mark as well.

“Maria Fernandez. I don’t have an email address. My address is 8346 Oak Wind Passage Apartment 398”

Would be transcribed as:
Maria ! Fernandez ! 8346 Oak Wind Passage ! Apartment 398 !

All special guidelines for these jobs are available here: https://bit.ly/2FnEDop

We ask that you read through these and become familiar with them before working these HITs.

Please email support@crowdsurfwork.com if you have further questions.

Best Regards,
CrowdSurf Support