**On-screen Text & Pop-up text Transcription ONLY**

Hello CrowdSurfers!

We have some new work hitting the queues. This work will show up in a queue named CrowdSurf Elite and has special instructions for workers to follow. Please see below for instructions.

The jobs in this queue do not need the Speaker Transcription. Again,
NO speaker transcription needed. Please ensure transcription of ONLY on screen-text like lower thirds*, supers**, and names of news anchors and names of products/restaurants/prices.

Example of these below:
Name of show or segment
People’s names
$, $$, $$$
(Price of food/products)
(Name of restaurant and food items)

* The lower third is simply text that is usually accompanied with a complementary background graphic and is positioned on the lower third of the viewable area.

** “Supers” is the term applied to text superimposed onto videos to provide additional information, usually because it is required to be there for legal or regulatory purposes (the “small print”)

*** In a television program, motion picture, or video game they come at the end or beginning of a show and list all the actors, cast and crew involved in the production

Please Exclude spoken language and the English subtitles of the foreign language. If no on-screen text or pop-ups are found, please include a [BLANK_AUDIO] tag.

No es necesaria la transcripción de Voz. Por favor, asegúrese de la transcripción de SÓLO el texto de pantalla, nombres de los presentadores de noticias y nombres de productos / restaurantes / precios.

Excluya el idioma hablado y los subtítulos en inglés del idioma extranjero. Si no se encuentran texto en pantalla o ventanas emergentes, incluya una etiqueta [AUDIO_EN_BLANCO].

Ejemplos de en pantalla y ventanas emergentes:
Nombre del espectáculo o segmento
Nombres de personas
$, $$, $$$
(Precio de comida / productos)
(Nombre del restaurante y artículos de comida)

We know these notes for these jobs may be a little tricky at first but we have confidence that our CrowdSurf Elite will get them right in no time! Please feel free to email us at support@crowdsurfwork.com if you have any questions. Also reach out to us if you are a Level 7 and do not have access to this queue.

Thank you for all your hard work!

CrowdSurf Support