Hello Team!

Looks like work is starting to come back into the queues!  So we wanted to take the opportunity now to remind everyone to please read the NOTES/SPECIAL GUIDELINES section on the side of each job. We want to make sure that everyone is following correct protocol with each job submitted.

There are a few different accounts that need special attention from our team. Remember, a client’s special instructions always supersede the general guidelines, so it’s important to check for them!

Here are a couple of examples of jobs you may come across and what we need you to do to successfully transcribe them.


If you come across a job with a dictation where the speaker says “period, comma, parenthesis, full stop”, transcribe the spoken word.

Note: You will still need to insert a “.” after the word “period”.

Please note that this may change in the future, but for now, please make sure that jobs are submitted and scored with directions above.

Please focus on the main speaker in the videos, which is the interviewee. Your ultimate goal is to transcribe everything being said by the main speakers, as it is the most valuable content. This does not mean to ignore everything else. We still need you to do your best at transcribing speakers in the background, such as the interviewer.

Make it a habit to read pop up’s that come up before accepting a job. These change periodically and are there as reminders to make sure special instructions are being followed. These should never be overlooked.

Thank you for all you hard work.

See you in the queues!

CrowdSurf Support