This Weekend’s Media Minute Bonus:

Starting at 12am PST Saturday 6/17/17 to Sunday 6/18/17 11:59pm, we’re offering a special bonus to all approved Media Minutes this weekend!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • 50 mm approved daily = +$0.01/mm back to minute 1
  • 75 mm approved daily = +$0.02/mm back to minute 1
  • 125 mm approved daily = +$0.035/mm
  • 175 mm+ approved daily = +$0.04/mm  on ALL minutes submitted daily!

*Need to maintain a 3.80+ QC score at the end of each qualifying day during the Weekend Bonus to qualify for this bonus.

**Media Minute Weekend bonus rate will not be paid if Fraud is detected  or scoring applied does not meet and or follow guideline standards.

Read below for details!

Weekend Media Minute Bonus Details-

  1. Applied to approved media minutes in all FTR, QC, QC Reject submitted daily 12:00am Saturday 6/17/17 – Sunday 6/18/17 11:59pm PST 
  2. In ADDITION to the Media Minute Weekly Bonus!
  3. Bonus payable by Thursday 6/22/17!
  4. Bonus tiers and rates are not cumulative.
  5. Bonuses are only available on CSW platform