Quick Tips You Wont Want To Ignore!

Welcome to the CrowdSurf Weekly Friendly Tips post! 

Written by fellow CrowdSurfers, these posts are published every Monday and will list the previous weeks most common errors and help with how to avoid making those errors in future tasks!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Hi, CrowdSurfers!

Here are a few tips for QC workers:


If you encounter a line with an [UNKNOWN] or [INAUDIBLE] tag, please remember to only mark the line down if you can make out what should have been transcribed, and always leave a note as to what the missing word(s) should be.

QCers are responsible for following FTR guidelines, including figuring out how to appropriately transcribe [UNKNOWN]’s, not simply scoring the error.

Please review the QC Training Guide.


Bear in mind that the FTR worker had access to the entire transcript when it comes to formatting.

If you encounter something with specific formatting, (ie: Week 3, Chapter 7, Part II) it may be because this was on screen earlier. A quick search of the task using Ctrl+F for a keyword can clear this up by finding other instances in the transcript.

Tips for FTR workers:


An exception to spelling out numbers ten and below is when numerals are used on screen. This is especially important in software tutorials!


On screen: a software interface, the instructor has typed
7px in a box

Spoken: I’m going to make this one seven pixels wide.

Transcribe: I’m going to make this one 7px wide.

And lastly, a tip for everyone.

This week I encountered 15 instances of words broken up into two words. In each case, the software underlined them, which should have alerted the worker to an issue.

A few examples of what was transcribed:

boiler plate
back stage
book store
work load
further more
hand written
bottle neck

If the software alerts you to something being amiss, give it a quick Google.

A bonus link!
CrowdSurf has recommended this link for how to handle capitalization of governmental terms, titles, and bodies:

Remember, we want to maintain the highest level of accuracy in these transcripts to keep our clients coming back!

For more help with Full Text Review tasks, check out the links below: