Practice Makes Perfect!


Do you have what it takes to create a *perfect* CrowdSurf transcript?

While you have a break from our usual high volume transcription work, we’ve created some practice work for you!

We want to put your excellent transcribing and editing abilities to the test with a fun Full Text Review transcript challenge.

Everyone is invited to participate, whether you’re an experienced Level 7 CrowdSurfer, or a brand new Level 1 CrowdSurfer.

Perhaps you work on 30 second transcription HITs only, or maybe you dedicate your days to Timing Review tasks?

Whatever your role is in the CrowdSurf community, let’s take a moment to look at the bigger picture!

CrowdSurf is responsible for transcribing and captioning media so that deaf and hard of hearing users can enjoy the same experience as hearing users! This is where your transcribing and editing skills come in. We need every transcript to have 100% correct spelling, consistency, and word accuracy so that the transcript is an accurate representation of the media.

For every member of the CrowdSurf community, it is important to understand how to create the final transcript that we return to our customers.

So, here’s your chance to show us what you’ve got!

We’ve created a special Full Text Review practice task so that you can see how all snippets come together to fit with the full length media! CLICK HERE to access the new FTR challenge task!


Join the Full Text Review Challenge Today!