We’ve got a BIG Project for you!

We’ve got *26,000 media minutes* to complete in the Special Handling “Temporary Queue – Lyrics Timing and speaker changes” by Sunday night at 11:59pm PT!

If everyone in Level 5, 6, 7 pitches in to clear the queue, everyone will get a reward!


CrowdSurf is introducing a new Team bonus: The Special Concert bonus!

Keep reading to learn more!

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Individual bonus rewards for group media minute achievements!
  2. Concert Team bonus in addition to Weekly MM and Weekly Team bonuses!
  3. New Progress Bar coming!

Hit the Concert Team Bonus threshold as a group, and individuals who already qualify for a weekly Media Minute bonus will earn an additional $0.10/mm on your “Lyrics and Timing” media minutes this week!


Concert Team Bonus

We have been growing tremendously and we are excited to manage this big Music Transcription project together!

We’re going to make it worth your while to complete these minutes on time! Everyone who works at least 1 task in “Lyrics Timing and speaker changes” will earn an additional $0.10/mm bonus on these tasks!

Bonus Details:

  • Submit 26,000 “Lyric Timing and speaker change” minutes as a team = an additional  $0.10/mm!

*Must earn Weekly Media Minute Bonus to qualify, please see terms and conditions below.
Examples of how much you can make:

  • Work 300 “Lyric” media minutes individually this week, and complete the 26,000 minutes as a team and earn $90.00!
  • Work 300 “Lyric” media minutes individually this week, and complete only 15,000 minutes as a team and earn $60.00!


Log in to Mturk or CrowdSurfWork now to start your Concert team bonus!

If you’re up for a TEAM challenge join us in the “Lyrics” queue today!


Weekly Team Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • Please check the Weekly Media Minute Bonus post for applicable rates and tasks.
  • Individuals must qualify for the Weekly Media Minute Bonus to qualify for Team Bonus Rates.
  • Concert Team Bonus only applicable if 26,000mm project is completed by Sunday 11/22/15 11:59pm PT, and individual completes at least 1 “Lyric” task by Sunday 11:59pm PT.
  • Concert Team Bonus applies when the 26,000mm are completed – to any combination of media minutes completed Monday November 16 12:00am through Sunday November 22, 2015 11:59 pm PST
  • Bonus payable by midnight by Wednesday November 24th, 2015!
  • Highest rate applies – tiers and prorates are not cumulative.
  • Please see General Guidelines for additional help.
  • Email support@crowdsurfwork.com with payment questions.