Mturk Rates to be Lowered

If you work with CrowdSurf on Mturk, this post is for you!

In order to offer sustainable work to all of our Transcribers, we plan to lower rates on Mturk by 10% on Monday November 9, 2015. This measure is intended to offset Mturk’s increase in requestor fees.

If you wish to access CrowdSurf tasks at normal pay rates, please join us on Work Market. We will continue to offer typical CrowdSurf pay rates through Work Market, and Mturk will decrease by 10%.

Work Market is primarily a hiring and payment platform. All work will be performed on CrowdSurf’s private transcribing and editing platform, the CrowdSurfWork platform, also known as CSW. You will not find tasks to be completed on Work Market, only on CrowdSurfWork.

We recommend switching over to the new CSW platform as early as possible in the bonus period. New Weekly Bonuses start Monday, so Monday is the best day to start working on the new platform, if you haven’t already!

If you have not yet received a recruitment email from us, and you work in Transcription only, go ahead and sign up here to learn how to join us on Work Market. Sign up here, then learn more here.

Need help with Work Market?

If you have not yet received a recruitment email from us, and you work in Levels 3-7, please make your Work Market account and send us an email with your Level, your Work Market ID, and your name.

If you set up a Work Market account before 11/1/15 and are waiting for CSW login information, please check your email/spam folders one more time for your CSW login instructions. If you set up a Work Market account after 11/1/15 and still do not have CSW login instructions, please hold tight, we will get your CSW account set up and send you your login information.

If you have your CSW login information, but you believe you are not getting paid, please verify that you are using the most recent CSW login information sent to you by the CSW team, and make sure your browser is not automatically logging you in with old account information. If you are using the most recent login instructions and not getting paid, go head and email us with the subject “Missing Work Market Payment”.

If you have your CSW login information, but you’re in the wrong Level, please email us with the subject “Wrong CSW Level” and give us your Mturk ID, your Work Market Id, and what Level you should be in.

Have questions about Work Market and CSW?

What happens with bonuses on Mturk and CSW?

Bonuses for each platform are paid separately. Your work on Mturk and CSW will not be combined. Bonus eligibility on Mturk will not rollover to CSW.

Bonuses will not be combined across both platforms, since you have a different worker ID for each platform. Separate bonuses are paid to separate worker IDs.

This means that you’ll want to switch platforms as early in the week as possible to maximize your bonus on the CrowdSurfWork platform.

 Why should I move?

There are several benefits to Work Market. Working through the CSW platform will allow for a more customizable and user-friendly worker experience than on any other platform! You also gain access to several payment disbursement methods via Work Market, and it’s really easy to set up your account.

It’s in your best interest to move now!  Over the next week, we will decrease pay on Mturk by 10%. It’s better to get settled and comfortable now rather than later. Learn more about the Work Market setup process here.

Have more questions?

Peruse our commonly asked Work Market questions below!

1.I’m in the wrong group on Work Market, what do I do?

A. Send us an email with the subject “Wrong CSW Level”, include your Work Market ID and the Level that you’re supposed to be in, and we’ll update your qualifications as soon as we can.

2. Since I started the week on Mturk and then started working on CrowdSurfWork, will my bonuses be combined?

A. No, bonuses will be paid separately.
Your Mturk worker ID will earn your Mturk bonus. And your Work Market worker ID will earn your CrowdSurfWork bonus. We encourage you to move exclusively to Work Market at your earliest convenience to maximize bonus earnings on CrowdSurfWork.
Additionally, the sooner you move to Work Market, the sooner you will be eligible for bonus rollover, level promotions, and HIT score disputes.

You will need to build up your account on Work Market in order to get back to your normal rate of reviewed HITs and tasks, and to get your HIT score disputes back.

3. Why am I receiving a few consolidated payments, instead of one payment per task?

A. We are using “Batch Payments” on Work Market to make sure that your payments go through correctly. All of your task payments for a given period of activity will be consolidated into a single payment and paid to your Work Market account after approximately one hour of inactivity. Click here to learn more about “Batch Payments”.

 If you notice any discrepancies in the “paid” assignments, please wait 24 hours before notifying us. It appears that if there is a delay in payment, it’s usually processed within a few hours.

4. Why am I getting double notifications from CrowdSurf via Work Market/ why are all these other employers contacting me?

A. This is controlled by your Work Market notification and privacy settings.
If we need to get a hold of you, we will email you directly or message you via the CrowdSurfWork platform. Please set your notification settings according to your preferences. We recommend unchecking the box that says “Invites to take on assignments” as well as “Assignment Updated” and “Assignment Cancelled”.

5. How will payments be better on Work Market?

A. With Work Market, you’ll work on CrowdSurfWork, and get paid through Work Market.
You can also choose several different payment option on Work Market, including Pay Pal, Bank Transfer, or a Work Market card. We encourage you to look into each option and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Please also take into consideration that pay rates on Mturk will decrease by 10% to account for the rate increase charged to requestors to use Mturk.

Work Market / CrowdSurfWork will continue to offer the same pay rates we typically offer for CrowdSurf tasks – bonuses and happy hours included!

Please continue to visit the CrowdSurf Bonus blog for Weekly Bonus terms and conditions!




We hope to see you all on Work Market this week!

Thank you!