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Weekly Media Minute Bonus

Fall is in the air!

Get your typing fingers ready we’ve got a PILE of tasks in FTR!

We need your help in FTR and Transcription Review this week!

You’re encouraged to work at least 5 FTR-General Media tasks this week to qualify for your Weekly Bonus!

Heres what you need to know this week:

  • CrowdSurfer FTR Help: Learn more about flagging timing errors here!
  • We need your help: FTR and and Transcription Review are overflowing maximize earnings there first!
  • New Special Requirements this week:Read below to see exact requirements for your level!

(Click “Read More” on the blog post preview to see full terms and conditions!)

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Transcription Weekly Bonus

Fall leaves are changing colors!

Get your GREEN with CrowdSurf Transcription this fall!

Your Weekly Transcription bonus has been extended for Monday October 5 through Sunday October 11, 2015!

In addition to your Weekly Transcription Bonus, earn more when you work “General Content” Transcription first!

Here’s what you need to know this week: Read more