Time to bring your A Game, Team!

Huddle around, we’ve got a winning strategy for improving transcript quality this week!

You’ve been doing terrific work on volume, now we need you to focus your attention on improving quality and accuracy in your full length transcripts.

We’ll be sending out feedback, so please check your inbox for CrowdSurf mail.

Here is some general feedback to help everyone improve:

  • In FTR: Remember to flag timing errors and keep your QC score above a 3.75!
  • In QC: Leave constructive criticism and cite any relevant portion of the guidelines.
  • In QC Reject: Flag timing errors and report QC errors if they appear.

PLEASE NOTE: We are introducing new Special Requirements this week to make sure high quality work continues to flow through the queues!

Here’s what you need to know this week:

  1. New Special RequirementsLevel 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 have special requirements for the Media Minute bonus!
  2. We’re promoting – Stand out from the crowd by submitting high volume and high accuracy!
  3. Retroactive Bonus tiers –  Once you hit the next volume threshold all of your minutes get the higher rate.

Keep reading for more details or Log in to Mturk here!

Let’s work together to increase overall quality!


The CrowdSurf Team

Weekly Media Minute Bonus

We want you to earn a reward for the total volume logged every week!

Weekly Bonus tiers for 3.75+ QC score

  1. 75 mm approved = $2.00 (That’s $0.02+/mm on every minute once you hit 75!!)
  2. 150 mm approved = $5.00 
  3. 225 mm approved = $8.00
  4. 300 mm approved = $11.00
  5. 450 mm approved = $17.00
  6. 500 mm approved = $20.00
  7. 600 mm approved = $30.00 (+$0.05 on every approved mm 601+)

*Note: mm = media minute

Important Payment Reminders

Rollover Details

** Complete a rolling average of 500 media minutes each week and start your third week with the highest pay rate rather than starting over! **

  • QC score of 3.75 or above: Maintain an average of 500 media minutes each week, and start your week with $0.05 on every media minute!
  • Rollover bonus rewarded on a rolling two-week basis, you can earn increased rates EVERY week after your first two weeks!
  • For more details on Rollover, click here.


Level 3 – 7 Requirements

To keep up with new customer volume, we’ve introduced requirements for the Weekly Media Minute Bonus.

  • If you’re in Level 3, we need you to complete at least ONE FTR-General Media tasks to qualify for your Weekly Media Minute Bonus.
  • If you’re in Level 4, 5, 6, 7, we need you to submit at least 15 Transcription Review Tasks to qualify for your Weekly Media Minute Bonus.
  • If you’re in Level 5,  we need you to submit ONE Special Handling Critical Task to qualify for your Weekly Media Minute Bonus.
  • If you’re in Level 6, 7, we need you to submit at least ONE QC Reject Tasks to qualify for your Weekly Media Minute Bonus!
 These requirements are put in place to ensure that you always have enough work in your favorite queues to maximize your Weekly Bonus earnings.

Weekly Media Minute Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • Specified CrowdSurf tasks only – FTR, FTR-General Media, Speaker ID, Timing, QC, QC Reject.
  • Applies to any combination of media minutes completed Monday September 14, – Sunday September 20, 2015 11:59 pm PST
  • Bonus payable Monday September 21, 2015!
  • Highest rate applies – tiers and prorates are not cumulative.
  • Please see General Guidelines for help.
  • Email support@crowdsurfwork.com with payment questions.
  • Level 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 have special requirements this week.