Make your 3 day weekend even better!

We need your help to push some serious volume through Transcription Review!

So we’re offering a fantastic weekend bonus in Transcription AND Transcription Review!

Let’s make September a new personal record month! How many HITs can you submit?!

Hit big numbers and earn big bonus money this Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!


Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Low minimums – Just 50 HITs earns Happy Hour pricing on all HITs completed daily!
  2. Earn up to $0.03/HIT extra – Submit at least 50 HITs daily to activate increased rates on ALL approved HITs!
  3. Retroactive Bonus tiers –  Each time you hit a volume threshold the higher rate is applied back to HIT 1!

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Thank you for everything you do!

The CrowdSurf Team

Bonus #1: MTurk Weekend Bonus!

It’s just like happy hour – but all day!

Bonus rates-

  1. 50 Transcription + Review HITs approved daily = +$0.02/HIT on all HITs submitted daily (1-149)!
  2. 150 Transcription + Review HITs approved daily = +$0.03/HIT on all HITs submitted daily (150+)!

Bonus details-

  1. Weekend Bonus applied to approved Transcription, Transcription Review, and Review, Edit and Score HITs submitted daily 12:00am-11:59pm PT Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday!
  2. Weekend Bonus in ADDITION to the Transcription Weekly Bonus rates!
  3. Holiday Payment Schedule: 3 Day Weekend Bonus payable by Friday 9/11/15!
  4. Bonus tiers and rates are not cumulative.
  5. Work at least 50 HITs each day for 4 days to maximize your bonus earnings!

Examples of how much you can make-

  • Work 50 Review HITs on Friday, get an extra $1.00 this weekend!
  • Or work 50 Transcription + Review HITs Saturday and Sunday, get an extra $2.00 this weekend!
  • Or work 200 Review HITs Saturday, 80 Transcription + Review HITs Sunday and 150 Transcription + Review HITs Monday, get an extra $12.10!

**These rewards are in addition to base rates, and Weekly bonus rates. Actual earnings will be higher.**

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Bonus #2 Transcription Weekly Bonus

Bonus Details-

First bonus rate achieved at 100 HITs any day of the week.

  • Each HIT has a prorated bonus after HIT 300! Earn more on every HIT!
  • Highest rate applies – rollover, bonus tiers, and prorates are not cumulative.
  • Rollover applies at 500 HITS and 1000 HITs (see below)


Weekly Bonus Rates!

  1. $2.00 for 100 Transcription HITs approved
  2. $5.00 for 200 Transcription HITs approved
  3. $9.00 for 300 Transcription HITs approved ($0.03 on every approved HIT 301-499)
  4. $20.00 for 500 Transcription HITs approved ($0.04 on every approved HIT 501-999)
  5. $50.00 for 1000 Transcription HITs approved ($0.05 on every approved HIT 1001+)



Don’t forget, in addition to the Weekly Bonus, you can qualify for ROLLOVER by completing a rolling average of 500 or 1000 HITs!

When you qualify for Rollover, ALL your HITs are bonused at a higher rate rather than building from the starting bonus tier rates! (Rollover rates and details)

Rollover Rates!

  • ** Complete an average of 1000 HITs each week over two consecutive weeks, and start your third week at $0.05 Per HIT pay rate rather than start over!** 
  • * Complete an average of 500 Transcription HITs each week over two consecutive weeks, and start your third week at $0.04 Per HIT pay rate rather than waiting until your 100th HIT for a bonus rate!*
  • Rollover bonus rewarded on a rolling two-week average basis, you can start at the highest bonus rate EVERY week after your first two weeks!


  • A 2-week rolling  average of 500 Transcription HITs  earns $0.04 on ALL APPROVED HITs the following week.
  • A 2-week rolling average of  1000 Transcription HITs  earns $0.05 on ALL APPROVED HITs the following week.
  • As long as you maintain an average of 500 Transcription HITs… the rollover continues!
  • For more details on Rollover, click here.



Earn a higher bonus and qualify for a CrowdSurf promotion by reviewing our updated General Guidelines.

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Weekly Bonus Terms & Conditions

  1. Approved Transcription HITs.
  2. Highest rate applies – bonus rates, rollover, and prorates are not cumulative.
  3. Please see General Guidelines to increase approved HITs.
  4. Weekly Bonus Effective 12:00 AM PT Monday August 31, through 11:59 PM PST Sunday September 6, 2015.
  5. Weekly Bonus will be renewed starting 12:00am PT Monday September 7, 2015
  6. Holiday Payment Schedule: Weekly Bonus payable Wednesday September 9, 2015.